Friday, April 9, 2021

#verselove -9: haiku

For the month of April, I am participating in 30 days of #verselove poetry writing with Dr. Sarah J. Donovan's Ethical ELA

Today's poetry inspiration was by David Duer, who invites us to write a haiku. I really appreciated his insight on this three line poem of 5, 7, 5 syllables in length:

"The act of writing haiku requests a senses of meditation and quiet observation Go outdoors, or at least open a window. Use strong details and specific imagery. When you have a draft, read it aloud and listen to how it sounds to know if it's done. When you've written one haiku, take a deep breath, look around, listen, smell, and start another."

I kept a notepad in close proximity as I worked in the garden. It was great fun - and, yes, meditative - to write haikus today. Here the three I posted on Ethical ELA:

I dig in the dirt
lifting sacrificial worms
as robins linger 

light rain washes me
turning over heavy dirt
memories flowing

thinking about you 
planting herbs in a crock pot 
no such thing as junk

Here the three random others that I wrote . . . yes, this was fun! -

unexpected gift

unpretentious carnations

unfolding delight

digging with trowel

black eyed susans torment me

voracious spreaders

day in the garden

lets me wander in my mind 

dreaming of before

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