Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Flow it, show it


It's Tuesday and I am participating in the
 Slice of Life.  
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for nurturing teacher-writers!

A photo essay

Oh my, this COVID hair has got to go.
January 2020, that was my last haircut.

My brother says I look like Emmylou Harris. 
Maybe if I played guitar, I'd keep this look.

I have never grown my hair this long.
Did you know you can get trapped by your hair in bed?!
This was news to me.

Frumpy, dumpy, grumpy.
I do not like this look.
Fully vaccinated - that's my cue,
time to go, go, go to the hairdresser!

Wait, one last photo - the pony tail!
The HORSE tail.

I brought flowers to my stylist - I really missed her! 
I discovered the greatest way to transport a vase of flowers, lol.

My hair was too grey to donate - though, my goodness, it looks dark here.

I'm baaaaaack!


  1. Maureen, Wowza! You have a massive amount of hair. I can’t fathom having hair that long. I don’t think I’ve ever had mine so long. Love all the photos showing your lovely smile. 😊 Your new hair is gorgeous. I bet it feels good, too. Strapping those flowers into the car seat is genius!

    1. It was a crazy amount of hair - and I didn't realize this, until Tony took photos. My 'front hair' was shorter - that back side, geez. Just crazy. My mother never let me grow my hair long - so I am sure that my pandemic hair is the longest I ever had. And, I am so happy to say goodbye to!

  2. Maureen,
    this haircut is lovely on you! I’m curious as to how you got trapped in the bed with your hair. I love the color, too! I did learn recently not to cross my feet under the table in meetings when I’m wearing the short ankle boots with the loop lacerate at the top. My feet got stuck together and I prayed for no fire drill. I made it through without anyone knowing what had happened. But the hair. I need to know about the hair.

    1. I can't really explain it, except to say I would turn in my bed and pinch my hair beneath me - and not know what to do, turning seemed to make it worse; I typically 'raised up,' sat up, to undo the pressure. I just wasn't in the least bit use to this sensation - getting stuck on my hair!

  3. Wow, what a great post! That was a long time coming--15 months. Did you stop to think about some of the things that have happened since then? Like how old Frog was, for instance? That's a long time! Your hair is so thick and lovely, and I bet you felt great and lighter when you came home from that haircut! I so love your happy final photo.