Thursday, April 15, 2021

#verselove - 15: Snaking it

 For the month of April, I am participating in 30 days of #verselove poetry writing with Dr. Sarah J. Donovan's Ethical ELA

Today's poetry inspiration was about writing a strong title for a poem, and was offered by Stefanie Boutelier.

The poem I wrote is on the 'lighter' side (after writing a couple intense ones in recent days). I have three ideas for titles: 

This I Have Not Missed

It Snakes Up On You

I’ve Been Down This Road Before

Here's the poem I wrote, as we made our way through traffic - 

snaking our way down the interstate 
weaving stop start slink slither 
traffic stretches out languidly then
abruptly coils in tight blind curves  
heavy-bodied highway slowing to a crawl
periods of only subtle movement
serpentine locomotion, my spine bends 
averse to being so entwined
were the roads first to protest 
the pandemic, it’s insistence on lying low? 
I’ve lost my traffic muscle, limbless, soft
what lurks in the many miles ahead? 
may these be the only snakes encountered 
this weekend in the woods 

1 comment:

  1. love the description
    "abruptly coils in tight blind curves
    heavy-bodied highway slowing to a crawl"

    And "traffic muscle" Can feel that instantly

    And love the last thought of this being the only snake encountered! made me smile.