Monday, March 7, 2022

SOLSC 2022 #7 - View from the Window


It is March 2022 and time for the
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We've been creating a whimsy tree here at Nana Poppa's house, just outside the window where Frog and Bird's play table rests.  Just last week, we added another windchime - a gift from a great aunt. 

There's a lot going on in this tree, and I suspect we've only just begun. There are a couple bird houses, a couple windchimes, a bright shiny whirligig of a suncatcher that sends rays of light racing through our family room. We set the Halloween pumpkin at the base of the tree and we are watching it decay. Poppa allowed me to drag our Christmas tree out here, to the base of the tree, so that we might watch the birds and squirrels hide and play within. 

I love the view from inside the house. The girls can perch right at windowsill and watch the action.

(staged photo - it's never this calm when Frog & Bird are present! hahaha)

Honestly, this whimsy tree is not just for the grandkids. I get so much delight from this little nook of our yard, too. This morning we have our first 'warm' morning in many months, and I opened the window for a bit of fresh air - only to be met by the gaze of a little bird from inside the birdhouse! 
Her little head filled the hole, 
looked about, 
looked at me, 
popped back inside. 
Then she popped out again 
met my eyes a second time
pulled back in. 
Repeat performance a few more times 
then she flew out
to the top of the tree,
and simultaneously - as if choreographed -

mourning doves descended on the tree. 

One perched on a branch very close to where I stared out -
and I was mesmerized
up close
so much more color and variation beyond the gray I would have insisted on
there's gray tan khaki white brown peach olive black 
I've never noticed how narrow her head
the soft wrinkle of inexplicably short feathers at her neck
as she tilts her head from side to side
intent and wondering, this tilt

Spring is coming! 
Frog and Bird and I will be watching.


  1. I love the idea of a whimsy tree for the grands. How sweet that you are providing space for nature and for you and your grandchildren to observe, learn, and enjoy.

    1. I think the whimsy tree is a byproduct of being a retired early childhood educator hahaha - I always loved being able to explore outside with kids, they see so much...they help me to look more deeply at the world around me.

  2. Seeing your tree and reading about all the ways you watch it come to life w/ Frog and Bird reminds me of my own childhood watching Ronins and Cardinals from our porch swing and from my bedroom window. I took those days for granted We don’t have trees conducive to such observing in our yard. I miss that, and I can see your grandchildren learning and finding joy as they observe nature. Love all the color references here, too.

    1. It is a very special time, Glenda, you are right! Children are fascinated with the outdoors and this is the perfect time to build on that love.

  3. Oh, I love the whimsy tree, and that it is a joy for Frog and Bird, but also for Nana and Poppa. It was fun to zoom in on the tree and see all the delights.