Friday, March 4, 2022

SOLSC 2022 #4 - Woodsy fun

It is March 2022 and time for the
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A Friday morning walk in the woods is one of our favorite habits since we both retired. It is such a gift to have so many beautiful nature paths so accessible. This morning, we were back in Rock Creek Park, on a rather cold but bright and sunny morning. We walked about three miles. Throughout our hike, there was recurrent, fun, sprightly background music of woodpeckers at work - what was it about this morning that got them so busy? Try as we liked, we never saw a woodpecker, we simply heard them. 

Do you see a woodpecker? There's one here somewhere!

How about a silly little poem to mark the day?

Woodpecker, woodpecker, where are you?
We hear you in the woods, but have no clue
Whack, thwack, peck, peck, that's what you do
Warbling wanderer with a whittling chew

Here are a few more photos from this morning's fun:


  1. Gorgeous blue sky. I’m walking along w/ you—vicariously, of course. Love that last line in your poem. Fantastic alliteration. That poem belongs in a picture book.

  2. Maureen, what a joy to read your silly poem to mark this joyful day. I can feel the love and beauty of your hike. Like Glenda said, you bring us along with you. Thanks for the walk!