Thursday, March 31, 2022

SOLSC 2022 #31 - Reaching for the sky


It is March 2022 and time for the
Every single day, for all thirty-one days of March,
writers will share stories.
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for creating this supportive community 
of teacher-writers!

Do you like my trees with leaves, Nana?
The trees are in the sky.
A rainbow cloud in the sky.
I made a square.

This drawing and description is from my three year old granddaughter "Frog," and it seemed the perfect closing for this magical month of blogging. 

Thank you 
Two Writing Teachers community 
for sharing stories 

reminding me 

there is a sky filled with 
rainbow clouds
surprising squares

there is a sky filled with 

bounteous topics 
many different perspectives 
incredible insight and imagination 
and caring comments, too

there is a sky filled with writing 
and it is endless

I hope to see you on Tuesdays, for weekly slicing!


  1. "there is a sky filled with writing
    and it is endless" Love this line. Throughout the month we got a chance to spread our writer's wings and soar into that sky.

  2. I, too, love the line “There is a sky filled with writing.” And even though the sky here is cyberspace, it’s still filled w/ poetry trees and story branches and beautiful people budding on the tree-filled sky’s branches. Please tell Frog she’s a modern, abstract artist.

  3. A lovely, ethereal note on which to end the SOLSC. Children are SO inspiring! I've so enjoyed reading your slices and poems, Maureen. I look forward to more.