Tuesday, March 22, 2022

SOLSC 2022 #22 - Just highlights


It is March 2022 and time for the
Every single day, for all thirty-one days of March,
writers will share stories.
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for creating this supportive community 
of teacher-writers!

Not a moment to write today, it seems. Certainly, no time to reflectively write. It's a babysitting day, taking care of the grandkids - Frog, age 3, and Callie, age 1. Oh my! They have been busy - and, therefore, so have I. Here are the highlights - 

- oatmeal breakfast with a medley of yummy additions, their choice - chopped pecans, apples, blueberries, craisins, and banana
- making a new batch of playdough (dark green was today's experimental color...how do you make dark green?...well, you add nearly the whole bottle of green and a little bit of red, yellow, blue)
- neighborhood walk, checking out the flowers and the budding trees
- making bubbles in the backyard (no hands in mouth, bubbles are not for eating!) 
- helping Poppa dig out the weeds 
- noticing - the spinach seeds that Frog planted just last week have sent up their very first shoots in the vegetable garden
- reading story after story in A Treasury of Children's Literature (three year old Frog has discovered the world of make believe)
- watching and listening to house sparrows at the birdhouse 
- singing favorite songs

That's it for this beautiful spring day!


  1. It sounds like a lovely day! You made me miss my time at home with my grown sons. I hope to one day be a babysitting grandma too.

    1. It is so much fun to babysit grandkids!! I highly recommend it!

  2. You sound as busy as if you had a full-time job. Maybe even busier. I'm sure the time flew as you were working at the best job ever--grandparenting.

  3. What a fun list! A great day for play. Happy spring.

  4. I’m so making each item on this list as a story and filling in the details as I envision your time w/ Frog and Burd. I totally understand being crunched for time. It’s a good problem to have.