Sunday, March 20, 2022

SOLSC 2022 #20 - One shelf at a time


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One drawer, one shelf, one cabinet at a time, we are culling things before our big remodel. The permit process has just begun; actual work will not begin until May; so there's plenty of time to work carefully, with intention, to think through needs and desires. One thing is for sure - we are paring down our kitchen stuff, eliminating all the extra things that we don't use, we don't need, we don't want.

Today's boxed up donation-to-be - a shelf of wine and cordial glasses -

These were so thick with dust, I washed them thoroughly before packing them up. 

It is interesting to think about how perspective changes over time. Once, we treasured these glasses. I loved their varied heights and purposes, their varied styles. Some, I am pretty certain, were wedding gifts, and made from beautiful crystal. Now, truly, they are just extra stuff, sitting up and away on a high shelf, virtually ignored. 

We are happy to give them away... and thrilled to see an empty shelf in the cabinets! 


  1. We are of the choose a china pattern generation. I think young women now get it more right, this setting up a household. I divested my kitchen of lots of extra dusty glasses. too. Keep sharing what’s going. I feel poetry co i g on too!

    1. I agree, today's young couples have a better mindset about these 'collectibles' - there's simply no real need. For me, there is a giddy feeling of lightness to box up these things. Thanks for commenting, Glenda. I think you are traveling - so, I am truly impressed you have made time for this!

  2. One little bit at a time. Yes! I completely understand the urge to cull the collection, one drawer by one drawer. For me, I find that the releasing of things I once thought to be keepsakes has been somewhat liberating. As for that empty shelf, there's a bit of satisfaction to be had there, for sure!

    Good luck with those renovations. Hope you'll be slicing about them and giving us a couple of progress reports!

  3. Great way to start the remodel! I'm glad you got another empty shelf, and I guess you will never miss them.