Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Apr14Poetry - We Are Mirror Images

I'm trying something new, taking a risk this month - participating in
#VerseLove with Sarah Donovan,
hoping to write poetry every day this April.

Today's poetry inspiration is from Padma Venkatraman, to create poems that are virtual mirrors of one another, to show the power of juxtaposition. Her suggestion is to start by thinking of two ways to do one thing, and write two poems - one for each of these possibilities. Then, rewrite the poems so that they are mirror images in poetic style.

In the ideal world, I would display these poems in two columns, side by side, so that you might see their similarity. This trick involves my use of HTML code on this Blogger website, and, alas, that is a fail. So, I'm content to post these vertically and rely on your imagination to see them as mirrors.

We Are Mirror Images

I like my chocolate
dark and crunchy,
chewy with caramel, or
peanut butter smooth.
I'm happy to try
new chocolate,
no matter what kind,
I'm always in the mood.
If I start,
I'll have bite after bite,
so the wrapper,
the bag,
the box,
needs to be thrown away.

He likes his chocolate
milk or dark,
shredded coconut, or
fruit and nuts chew.
He's happy to try
new chocolate,
it matters what time,
whether he's in the mood.
If he starts,
he'll have one or two bites,
close the wrapper,
the bag,
the box,
save for another day.


  1. Laura, from Sarah Donovan's website:
    Maureen, I love this. As I read through your preferences, I think of what I also like or dislike, and how my preferences are also in opposition to my “he.” This is also why my sweets drawer is full of pieces and he doesn’t have a drawer…:D

  2. glenda funk, from Sarah Donovan's website:
    It’s uncanny how accurate your descriptions are to myself and my husband. I can not stop at one or just a bite. Ken can make a single chocolate lady all day. Love that the last line in each stanza rhymes, creating a harmony ic yin to yang chocolate consumption. Thank you.

  3. Susie Morice, from Sarah Donovan's website:
    Maureen — You’ve made me SOOOOO hungry! I’m laughing at myself, as I am (at different times) BOTH of these two! Oh dear! But mostly, now, I just have to go have a piece of chocolate. LOL! Susie

  4. Jamie, from Sarah Donovan's website:
    I like the idea of looking at the same thing from two povs – and chocolate! there are so many ways to look at chocolate – see myself and others I know in your words