Saturday, April 11, 2020

Apr11Poetry - Blanket of fog

I'm trying something new, taking a risk this month - participating in
#VerseLove with Sarah Donovan,
hoping to write poetry every day this April.

Today's challenge was surprisingly hard! The inspiration was to take a topic of news, consider both the facts and my emotions in response to these facts...attempt to write two verses, in whatever poetic style I desired, reflecting these facts and emotions.

This pandemic is blanketed
by a dense fog of
virtual news,
virtually every moment,
must listen, must see, must read,
today’s briefings,
surprise findings,
latest data,
expert opinions,
breaking reports, and,
let's not forget, 
how to.
Yes, how to wash hands,
keep safe distance, and
make a mask.
The news is unceasing, 
a blur.
Permeating every tidbit is
race and inequality.

Listen closely, look closely, read closely,
Question it all.

Have you noticed, have you glimpsed,
news about
low-income workers,
on the front-lines,
pushed into poverty,
higher incidence of disease,
Black Americans,
kicked out of Walmart,
steep hurdles,
removed the inspector general,
no oversight,
expelled 10,00 migrants,
bypass immigration laws,
living on margins,
particularly catastrophic,
and more?

Listen closely, look closely, read closely,
Question it all.

I am so anxious about our world.
I am suspicious about what I don’t know.
I am painfully aware that this administration
is systematically and methodically
hurting others
manipulating laws and procedures
putting up barriers
increasing inequality
growing white supremacy
making it harder to vote
eliminating justice.
This is intentional policy
designed to take advantage of the fog,
to give the perception of helping.
I must adjust my vision,
I must stay alert,
I must seek truth and justice.

Listen closely, look closely, read closely,
Question it all.


  1. Barb Edler from Sarah Donovan's website:
    Maureen, your poem is amazing. The devastation, injustice, fear, and atrocities are cataloged so well here. One thing that has truly bothered me is how this situation is increasing the divide between those who have the resources to connect to online learning and those who do not. Your honesty is clear throughout the entire poem, and the refrain is such an important message! Kudos to you for capturing such raw emotion and the deeply depressing situation of our current times.

  2. glenda funk from Sarah Donovan's website:
    I think your poem captures the frenetic nature of the news and the way even those of us who know how to vet the onslaught of news often question and doubt our own judgments. “dense fog of
    virtual news,
    virtually every moment,”
    is a perfect image. I also love the list of topics and the emphasis on the inequities. Thank you.