Thursday, April 30, 2020

Apr30Poetry: Magic happens

I'm trying something new, taking a risk this month - participating in
#VerseLove with Sarah Donovan,
hoping to write poetry every day this April.

Today is, sadly, the very last day of this poetry challenge. I am able to write about anything I desire...and I am filled with gratitude for this experience. I am so thankful to Glenda Funk for letting me know about this writing challenge, and for Dr. Sarah Donovan for hosting this incredible writing experience. This was a beautiful way to shelter-in-place.

Magic Happens

Poetic inspiration,
each morning,
for me to discover.
An enchanted stone,
in the morning light,
for me to hold and rub and ponder
throughout the day.
I let my mind absorb the mystery of the invite,
fascinated, curious, mesmerized,
followed by
to wonder.
That’s how magic happens.

April days floated by
alongside, inside, around, between, and about,
tapping something deep within,
stirring me,
nudging me,
stretching me
in new directions.
I have marveled at the journey,
nuggets and insight found,
surprising visits to time past,
traveling to the edge of places I still did not dare to go.
The charm of your comments
finding light and sparkle in my verse, 
hidden messages revealed,
illuminating my writing,
That's how magic happens.

The glow and beauty of your poems,
your openness and revelations,
how they captivated and soothed,
appearing like angels,  
letting me know you, as
loving, familiar spirits.
Your words
carried me to new worlds, 
gave me courage to wander there, too, and
provided a glorious shelter-in-place.
A wonderland of poetry shared by you,
this community of teacher writers,
connecting me to you, you to me
creating a lustrous weaving of 
written dreams. 
That’s how magic happens.

it is fitting that
there is nothing but grey skies
and so much rain,
tears from nature,
where I am.
I am in mourning
that this month has ended.
I’m on my own now.
Yet, I know,
that’s never really true.
Future mornings,
I will find again
magic stones you left behind,
to hold and rub and ponder.
I will treasure.
That’s how magic happens.


  1. Sarah J. Donovan, PhD, from her 30 Days of Poetry website:
    What a lovely way to think about poetry prompts and the daily writing process: “I let my mind absorb the mystery of the invite.” I just finished reading a book called Mindful Learning (Langer) and this was all about reframing instructions with possibilities rather than “right” answers. Learning should be about the mystery of the invite as we seek to uncover, discover, ponder. Great stuff.

  2. glenda funk, from Sarah Donovan's 30 Days of Poetry website:
    The angels are crying on us today, too. It is fitting. I have loved my two months meeting w/ you every day, first on TWT during the March blogging challenge, and here on Ethical ELA this April as we share poetry. I love the metaphor in
    “An enchanted stone,
    in the morning light,
    for me to hold and rub and ponder”
    This is such a beautiful image, and as you say, “This is where magic happens.” ❤️ you and am sending peace and health your way. Thank you for taking this journey w/ me.

  3. Emily Yamasaki, from Sarah Donovan's 30 Days of Poetry website:
    Maureen, your words today moved me to tears at the end. I feel the same dread of the month ending, but also the light of everyone’s “magic stones”. What a moving and gentle piece of writing. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Susan Ahlbrand, from Sarah Donovan's 30 Days of Poetry website:
    You capture so well what many of us feel . . . a deep sadness that this is over. You know what Pooh Bear says . . . “How Lucky I Am To Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard.”

    Your metaphor with the stone really, really works.

    I look forward to the magic stones again, too.

  5. Katrina Morrison, from Sarah Donovan's 30 Days of Poetry:
    I love your “enchanted stone glistening.” It is amazing how the magic happens!

  6. Tammi, from Sarah Donovan's 30 Days of Poetry:
    Maureen –this poem is so bitter sweet. I am moved by “Tears from nature” but inspired by “I will find again/magic stones you left behind,/to hold and rub and ponder/I will treasure/That’s how magic happens.
    This is how the magic happens! Thanks for your beautiful poem.

  7. Denise Krebs, from Sarah Donovan's 30 Days of Poetry website:
    Magic stones. What a beautiful image throughout your last April 2020 poem. I love that you honored your work, comments of others on your work, the work of others, and even our future work together–all through the prism of magic happening. Yes, indeed. Thank you for the chance to be on this magical journey with you too, Maureen.