Thursday, April 2, 2020

Apr2Poetry - Judgment or Love

I'm trying something new, taking a risk this month - participating in
#VerseLove with Sarah Donovan,
hoping to write poetry every day this April.

Today's writing idea is to create a "Blitz poem," 50 lines long, short phrases, no punctuation, and precise repetition of certain words at certain times...I found this writing to be an invigorating mix of "planning" and "whimsy." Here's my poem:

Judgment or Love

Love one another
Love without judgment
Judgment is poison
Judgment is walls
Walls only stop
Walls do not grow
Grow kindness and hope
Grow seeds of caring
Caring soothes us
Caring connects people
People are all so different
People make mistakes
Mistakes are human
Mistakes are opportunities
Opportunities to learn
Opportunities to try again
Again means hope
Again means persistence
Persistence is learning
Persistence is essential
Essential to thinking
Essential to change
Change for the better
Change for the world
World that loves
World that includes
Includes the fringe
Includes the unseen
Unseen but hurting
Unseen needs voice
Voice that is heard
Voice that enlightens
Enlightens our minds
Enlightens our hearts
Hearts that grow more inclusive
Hearts that embrace the other
Other perspectives are needed
Other opinions count
Count on each other
Count on together
Together is complicated
Together is slow
Slow is meaningful
Slow is needed
Needed for hope
Needed for love
Love soothes all
Love each other


  1. glenda funk, from Sarah Donovan website:
    I totally get what you mean about the blitz requiring planning and whimsy. I love the way your poem moves from judgment that divides us to a celebration of humanity. “Together, enlightens, includes” are my favorite words, and the last two words further illuminate these ideas. Thank you.

  2. Stefani, from Sarah Donovan website:
    My favorite lines are: walls do not grow/grow kindness and hope. There is such a connection to this in our times and before. I think “walls do not grow” would be great prompt for writing and reflecting with students. Thank you for this.

  3. Ashley Valencia-Pate - from Sarah Donovan website:

    This is so whimsical and calming! I read each line slow and deliberate and it felt so powerful. When you wrote “ Together is complicated/Together is slow/Slow is meaningful/Slow is needed,” I thought of how reflective this quarantine has made people, and you’re right—we need to slow down, and we also need to come together in spirit.

  4. Haley Moehlis, from Sarah Donovan website:
    There are so many lines that build beautifully and unexpectedly. These are my favorite:
    Together is complicated / Together is slow / Slow is meaningful / Slow is needed.

    The lines are simple and unembellished, but the impact is so rich! Thank you for sharing this!

  5. kimjohnson66, from Sarah Donovan website:
    Maureen, I love these two spots best:

    Walls only stop

    Walls do not grow (Amen!)


    World that includes

    Includes the fringe

    Includes the unseen

    The inclusion of “the fringe” and “the unseen” is powerful here because while those very walls destroy relationships and welcomes, what they don’t do is stop pandemics. I am mesmerized by the thoughts of walls and their purpose in a time like this.