Monday, April 6, 2020

Apr6Poetry - Ordinary Object

I'm trying something new, taking a risk this month - participating in
#VerseLove with Sarah Donovan,
hoping to write poetry every day this April.

Today's poetry idea was truly a challenge! Here, I thought of an ordinary object; I wrote down a list of 10-20 words about that object. These words were instantly OFF LIMITS for my poem! I had to write a poem using any/all poetic devices that interested me, I could write any style of poem, but I had to NOT use any of those ordinary descriptive words within the poem. Oh my!

Here's a little free verse, with a focus on alliteration...

Ordinary Object

When we were in Washington state
near the water
we waited with other worshipers
for mouth-watering Walleye on wheat
at a weird, wacky takeout window on a wooden boat.
We whispered and wondered
waiting in a winding line
whether it was wise or a waste;
wow, it was wonderful!

Then there's the time that
our toddler talked non-stop
of Thomas the Tank Engine,
so we kept tabs on toy stores, and
after a tip from a trendsetting talent,
traveled across town
for the tiny toy train.

Today's deeply desired delight
once deemed ordinary and dull
now has its due as
dainty, diaphanous, and divine,
the stuff of daydreams!
Its depletion so dire and
our deprivation so disastrous
it is documented in the daily news.
Darn it, what is the deal?!
I desperately need double-ply!


  1. Mo Daley - from Sarah Donovan website:
    Wonderfully wacky, terribly tricky, and delightfully dear. Did you ever in your life imagine you’d write a poem about toilet paper? LOL

  2. Barb Edler - from Sarah Donovan website:
    Maureen, I really enjoyed the moments you described in the first two stanzas as they seemed so special which sets up the humor so well in the final stanza. I sure curse the hoarders right now as I haven’t seen any TP on the shelves for weeks. The double-ply end was particularly funny!

  3. Donna Russ - from Sarah Donovan website:
    Very cleaver. I didn’t have a clue until, “now has its due as dainty, diaphanous, and divine,the stuff of daydreams! It’s depletion so dire, and our deprivation so disastrous, it is documented in the daily news.” Good as gold, nowadays! Thanks for a smile with a topic, not so funny!

  4. glenda funk - from Sarah Donovan website:
    😂 This is fabulous! Love the focused alliteration in each stanza. Have to say the third stanza is my favorite. I can’t stop smiling. Thank you.