Friday, March 22, 2019

SOL19 Slice#22: Wild wind

I am participating in the
 Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOL19)
All participants are writing about one moment, one part of their day, every day for the month of March 2019.

A big thank you to Two Writing Teachers for providing this unique opportunity
for teacher-writers to share and reflect.

This poem just tumbled out of me today, as I tried to walk in the blustery wind, on the way to school.

Wild Wind

Today is a day 
when the walls close in,
I'll step out into the wind.
What was once on my mind
is gone, gone, gone.
That thing I wrestled with,
in the night,
I can no longer recall.
My hair's gone free, 
chasing all around my head.
The tree's branches bend,
back the other way again.
Sidewalks are covered
with small debris.
I'd better jog than walk,
if I want to cross the street,
Wild wind pushing me,
Was I sad?
Was I worried?
I no longer know.
Today is a day
when the walls close in,
I'll step out into the wind.


  1. This is such a beautifully rhythmic poem. Even its shape is impactful. I love how it made me feel like the wind blew away your thoughts and worries. Thank you for slicing.

    1. Thank you! The wind was absolutely fabulous, and this poem tumbled out.