Tuesday, March 30, 2021

SOL21 Slice 30: Gift of a day


I am participating in the
All participants are sharing stories about moments in their lives, writing 
 every day for the month of March 2021.
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for nurturing teacher-writers!

I just spent an absolutely beautiful day babysitting my granddaughters (2 1/2 years old and 5 months old). It was a day that begged to be spent outside every possible moment. So fabulous! Here's a little ditty of a poem that I wrote as the two little ones were napping in the late afternoon, telling the story of our day.

Outside This Day Must Be

Tender breeze and bright soft sun
No jacket or sweaters to wear 
First day like this we've seen
Outside this day must be

Make a pile of pretty rocks
Pull weed flowers from the lawn 
Look closer at buds in the tree
Outside this day must be

Into the wheelbarrow you go
Around and around we run
Bumps and curves met with glee
Outside this day must be

Bring out the chalk and draw
How about we roll down the hill?
Now for some hide and seek
Outside this day must be

Spread the blanket on the lawn
Here's a snack for just us two
Lay here right next to me
Outside this day must be

Was there ever a sky so blue?
Have you seen two birds play chase?
Did you know ants can lift seeds?
Outside this day must be

"I don't remember who said this,
but there really are 
places in the heart you don't even know exist
until you love a child"
- Anne Lamott


  1. What a wonderful repeating line emphasizing the birth of spring: “outside this day must be.” I am so jealous of your warm weather.

    1. Thank you, Glenda! The weather is varying quite a bit, but today was truly a gift.

  2. Sounds like a great day! So many joys outside.

  3. Your poem made me smile and remember the days when my own children were younger and we would spend hours outside doing all of that and more. It sounds like a special day. I loved the repetition of "Outside this day must be." To many more of them.

    1. Thanks, Heather! Yes, may there be many more of these days!

  4. What a beautiful day with these two precious humans. I love that. It seems like Frog had a lot to add to the agenda, with her two-year-old attention span and joy in learning. I think I will remember that chorus when out on a perfect day. "Outside this day must be"

    1. Yes, you are right - Frog pretty much sets the agenda, Bird (at 5 months of age) is just along for the ride. We do have fun, though!