Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The patio is done!

We finished our new patio! I wrote a "slice of life" about this sanity project back in April. We've worked very hard since then. Yes, it took us many weeks, working around our babysitting duties and other time demands. In the end, we created this 11' x 12' space just in time for a weekend of the most incredible weather (cool, dry, low humidity). Let me share photos from 'start to finish' of our work, and a short poem about the project, as well.

We no sooner dug out the patio, when rain was expected.

First, we made a layer of pea gravel.

Then we add rock dust, and began placing flagstones.

If you like puzzles, you will enjoy this!

Our patio is done.

all good projects

I wonder, do all good projects start with a sense of frustration?

my overall crankiness about our ill-defined, unkempt, blah backyard

the eyesore of the rusting fire pit

the plague of weeds and mud

the annoyance of no place to sit and relax

the exasperation of home remodeling delays delays delays

we traded these for a do-it-ourselves flagstone patio

this desire to get something done,

to imagine start do finish enjoy

walking the stone yard, choosing flagstone

days of sweaty labor, down on our knees

measuring digging leveling

pea gravel rock dust 

negotiating our different approaches, rethinking

more sweaty labor, down on our knees

laying the flagstone

adding more rock dust

leveling, adjusting, repositioning


now look

just beautiful!


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  1. That patio looks like it was worth all of the hard work you put into it. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. I agree with Stacey. The work you put into designing your patio is worth the effort. Sit back and enjoy the peace of a DIY job well done! See you at SJT with our theme community.