Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Sanity project


We're in the midst of a sanity project.
Did I just make this term up?
I may have.

Here's what I mean - 

As we wrestle with our huge home remodeling project, as we -
  • finalize plans, 
  • order materials, 
  • plan out all these moveable parts, and 
  • deal with the unforeseen delays plus new problems, 
I feel very much that I am not in control.

I know this.
I know, too, that this is ALWAYS true - of home projects, of life itself.
I know I'll be okay, we'll be okay, the contractors will finish the work, it will all work out eventually.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it.

In the meanwhile, however, I need a sanity project: I need to do something that has a definable beginning, middle, and end. I need to do something that gets completed. I need to be the one who gets to do it. I need to get it done. I need to feel able. I need to smile at its completion.

Thankfully, my husband understands and appreciates this about me. 

So - we are installing a small flagstone patio in the backyard, Tony and I. I'm so excited! We visited my favorite 'home remodeling' place, our local quarry. We traipsed around that lot, looking at all the different types of stone, until we found the beautiful, irregular pieces we desired. 

Two days later, on a day when we were babysitting our granddaughters, it was delivered to our house. I actually woke the older one up from her afternoon nap (you can see she is still sporting her 'sleep sack'), so that she and her sister could both watch the flagstone be delivered by forklift. They love construction vehicles and wouldn't want to miss out on this. 

They were SO excited! 
We are SO excited! 
Honestly, this is just the work I want to do right now - dig in the dirt, move and sweat, make something pretty. 

Now, my day is not surrendered to others' deadlines, obstacles, delays, setbacks, confusion, forgetfulness...I can make these myself, hahaha, with my new spring sanity project! 

Now, excuse me, I'm going out back and getting dirty.


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  1. "In the meanwhile, however, I need a sanity project: I need to do something that has a definable beginning, middle, and end. I need to do something that gets completed." I SO relate to this!

  2. I wish I had thought of a sanity project while we were in the middle of building a new house. I almost lost my mind when we did that. Thankfully, my kids kept me going.

    Good luck with the patio. I bet it'll look lovely once it's finished!

  3. Maureen, I know you’ll have much fun digging in the dirt and making a secret garden escape while dealing w/ the construction. I can’t wait to see the photos, from what I can see here, the stone is a light, sandy color. I’m imagining it. I still like watching construction projects. Maybe that’s the image desire to build rather than destroy.
    P.S. Google is being weird, and I’m afraid this will publish anonymously.

  4. oh I love it! We are at the end of our third month of basement remodel and the feeling of not being in control of the house is so real. We have another three weeks or so to go. I love the idea of a sanity project. I am guessing my garden is that for me. I need to cold to go away so I can get out in the dirt and move a few things around without asking anyone about it. Thanks for writing today. It is what I needed.

  5. Maureen, what a great idea to keep a sanity project going. It reminds me of what my husband used to do on his one day off from being a pastor. He always had to do jobs like mowing the lawn, fixing or washing the car, or something that he could finish because being a pastor, he felt like he was never finished. All the best on your flagstone patio project, as well as the big insanity project going on too!