Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Strawberries for picking

It is June and the strawberries

are blooming popping ripe for tasting

In the neighbor’s front yard

these sweet delights 

are like toddlers running 

in between around all over

their happy wild natural garden 

planted all along the curb

so that everyone and anyone

might feast 

We wandered over after naps

each grandchild with a small container 

to fill

Our preschooler was focused

searching, lifting leaves, looking under,

stepping closer, excitedly tossing each into

her small pail

Whereas our toddler stood transfixed

alongside us

devouring each and every piece of

plump red lusciousness that came her way

(assisted greatly by her dear Poppa)

while holding an empty pail






she scowled at the hosts suspiciously

yes, wrinkled brow dagger eyes pursed lips

(these last were dripping in berry juice)

Such abhorrent behavior for a guest! 

All is forgiven when you are only 19 months old

trusting only your nearest and dearest

not yet ready to welcome the stranger 

or neighbor, as it were

not realizing

the recipients of your ‘stink eye’

were the reason for this

strawberry indulgence

We all just chuckled and giggled and shook our heads

at the wondrous mystery of the young.


It's Tuesday and I am participating in the
 Slice of Life.  
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for creating this supportive community 
of teacher-writers!


  1. I love the images of the girls and their unique strawberry collection methods. I’d likely be more like Bird, at least sneaking bites. This all brings back memories of stealing strawberries as a child and picking them last year in Maui. Good times all!

  2. I was exctied to read your poem since I took my kids strawberry picking yesterday. You made mention of the grandkids' ages. It's funny... the three of us were talking about the passage of time and how their behavior in the patch has changed from year to year. Ari was covered in red juices every year until this one. This year, his 5.5 year old self was consumed with having enough strawberries to make strawberry ice cream so he only ate ONE. Funny how he matured in one year.