Tuesday, May 31, 2022

ABCs for a safer world


Please excuse today's slice. I'm posting mostly because I have set the goal of blogging each week. I had a lot of trouble writing a "slice of life" today. I am so horrified and troubled about the mass shooting in Uvalde last week; my mind keeps sifting through the tragedy.

I need to believe that I am not alone in this pervasive sadness; that there is enormous support for doing SOMETHING to prevent such horrors from happening. I've started keeping a list of random ideas that lead to a safer world for all - things I've seen in newspaper articles, ideas from family, friends, and neighbors. Honestly, there are limitless steps we could take to make our lives safer.

For today's slice, I played around with an 'alphabet' of possibilities - and, seriously, there are many, many more.

I want to believe that if we work on each of these

or, any one of these

or, some of these,

or, many other ideas

all at once

right now

we truly might create a livable world.

Please, let us move towards a safer, healthier nation.

ABCs of Possibilities - a Multi-faceted Approach to Gun Safety

Arms that are weapons of war should not be available to the average citizen

Believe that we have the moral imagination to create a safer world for all

Create and maintain a database about gun violence

Doctors should routinely ask patients/parents if there are guns in the home and discuss possible dangers

Eliminate the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill

Find ways to make it financially worthwhile for politicians to support gun safety

Gun technology should be advanced so that non-owners cannot use the gun - much like exists with our cell phone technology 

Home insurance should include questions about guns in the home - and it should cost more

Increase mental health access, family supports, funding for social workers

Jeopardizing the life, health, or welfare of anyone ultimately hurts all of us 

Know the medical consequences of gunshot wounds - the challenges doctors face, the recovery and healing that the victim faces

License, registration, and insurance should be required for gun ownership (as we do for ownership of cars)

Memorial to those killed by gun violence should be created - naming the victims, sharing their life stories

Nationalize gun policy, eliminating the state-by-state variations 

Oppose any legislation that mandates teachers carry guns 

People who are named in risk protection orders (aka “red flag laws”) must be prevented from purchasing and owning guns

Query political candidates about their funding by NRA and gun makers - to whom do they owe their allegiance?

Requiring a DNA sample to identify human remains is a minimal litmus test for guns and weaponry that should NOT be available to ordinary citizens

Set age limits for certain classes of weapons, and require parents or guardians to approve purchases for those under 21 

Tax the purchase of certain types of guns at a higher level 

Understand that “good people with guns” have not been able to prevent these mass killings

Vote for those who promote gun safety

Welcome the outsider, notice who is on the fringe in every setting, try to connect; teach this beginning in preschool

(e)Xamine and avoid the use of absolutes and the binary [“either/or,” “for/against,” “Democrat/Republic”] in these discussions - we must find a way toward a safer world together

Young children should not have to go to school in fear.

Zealously promote the study of citizenship, what it means to be a democracy 


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  1. Like you, Maureen, I’ve been obsessed w/ Uvalde. This evening a guest on Joy Reid suggested students refuse to attend school until adults do something. I do believe the lack of safety in public schools gives ammunition to the home schoolers and private school crowd who want taxpayer money for their education agenda. You have so many excellent suggestions on your list. Make gun owners pay a lot for their do-called rights.

    1. Thanks, Glenda! I think I should add your slice idea - something about making physical space better for teachers and students; this really can be a negative thing. We need to be making schools better in all kinds of ways.

  2. Maureen, this is such an excellent list, especially F, L, and Q. As you say, what they shouldn't be doing is requiring teachers to have guns, or making schools as secure as prisons—that would be awful. I'd suggest putting these on a card and mailing the list to your senators, your congressperson, state legislators. In fact, can I copy the list to send to my federal and state legislators?

    1. Please feel free to pass this on. I know there are many other ideas we could add in. And, yes, I like the rewording you suggested below. Thank you.

  3. i would suggest rewording R, though, it seems a bit confusing. How about: "Requiring a DNA sample to identify human remains should never be anything a parent or guardian is asked for by a school or police." What do you think?

  4. Thank you for this thoughtful list… so many things that make sense and seem as if everyone would agree… why don’t we have agreement powerful enough to bring about these changes that would protect the rights of all and promote safer schools and communities?!?
    Diane Anderson, newtreemom