Tuesday, May 24, 2022

seven beings

Early morning 

I was away all weekend at a women's retreat, in West Virginia. The area was so remote, there was no internet - which was sheer delight, to be honest. 

It was wonderful to be in quiet and beauty - and to be in the company of women of all different ages. 

I also came face to face with a few different non-human beings. This is the wonder of nature!

I have this (perhaps quirky) habit of googling "spiritual significance of [xyz]" when I have a surprise encounter with an animal or an insect. Today, I took some time to look each up in my habitual way - and I wrote a poem about these, just for fun. 

The poem presents the 'seven beings' in order of appearance over the weekend: a tick, a turtle, a red-winged blackbird that I saw numerous times, a snail, a whippoorwill, a flock of geese, and a spider.

(Oh, let me add - the tick did not bite me; shortly after I arrived, someone else was dealing with this. She was completely fine, the 'poppy seed-size' deer tick was found pretty much right away, having no opportunity to infect her, thankfully. With this as my arrival surprise, I kept myself lathered in bug spray all weekend.)

Hope you enjoy this!

 seven beings joined us

tick arrived so cleverly

nestled on the arm

suggesting the discovery

what undermines energy

reminding of equanimity

turtle stood to the side 

of the path uphill

and patiently waited 

for all to understand

our interconnectedness

red-winged blackbird 

danced across the field



porch talkers

those in quiet contemplation

always dancing

filled with motion

kindling inner spirit

snail slowed midstep

stretched across the path

playfully whispering 

no matter where you go

home is always with you

whippoorwill was regaled 

by our laughter and memories

knowing these as well

and sang out the question

what do you hear within

flock of geese flying 

in formation as we sat

together on the porch

visually representing

disruption by the divine

in the midst of worship

spider suddenly appeared

circling scrambling emphasizing

birth growth death rebirth

demanding all be cherished

seven beings joined us

I have a few of their individual photos, lol -

I met this snail on a walk

this dear one joined me on my bench during worship - I was not impressed

there's a red-winged blackbird here somewhere, hahaha! 

turtle lumbering down the path from my bunkhouse


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  1. Maureen, your poem is so educational, but I never have thought of a tick as having spiritual significance. Geese and turtles, yes, but ticks? Those pesky critters are clingy! Love the photo showing your isolation, as well as those showing your new companions.

  2. I love the joy in your post, Maureen! You took it all in! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Maureen,
    Thank you for sharing about your retreat. Your writing conveys being grounded, a sense of serenity, peace and presence. You both delighted and celebrated your animal encounters, rightfully giving them reverence via a poem.


  4. Maureen, life is certainly interesting when you are observant. Seven beings other than human ones crossed your path. Your poem is filled with content and contemplation. This line tugs at my heartstrings: What do you hear within?