Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Poem - Forever lost

Today is day 4 of the  December Open Write with Dr. Sarah Donovan's Ethical ELA. Glenda Funk offered the poetic inspiration, introducing a poem by Tiffany Midge called Antiquing with Indians, and noting:

Some things that stand out to me in Midge’s poem are

  • The three-line stanzas
  • Enjambment
  • Specific historic references
  • Ironic tone

With these focus points in mind, we were encouraged to write a poem. I struggled with this one! Here's what I finally wrote:

Forever lost

You were always so able, and then you weren’t.

It was up to us to clear out your house, with you

in the recliner, snapping, sneering, barking

orders at us, you the commanding officer, we your drafted recruits, 

working quickly and somewhat blindly, to divide a lifetime

of belongings into a uhaul going north, a pile of donations, and

the dumpster. I heard your heart breaking with every insult you hurled,

at our not knowing whether something should be kept, knowing 

the only thing worth saving was your independence and that was

forever lost. Yes, it’s true, we each siphoned off little treasures,

I have the hurricane lamp, the bird bath, and the funny garden pelican, and

you never knew or had to know or ever would have understood

why we want to hold on to the loss of you.

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