Saturday, January 16, 2021

Watching - a poem

Today is the first day of January's 5-day poetry Open Write with Dr. Sarah Donovan's Ethical ELA! Today's inspiration is offered by Susie Morice and is entitled "Conversations" She invites us to listen to nature and imagine a conversation. I was immediately reminded of an amazing scene that Tony and I witnessed just above our house, as we returned from a walk the other day - and this is the poem that I wrote:


a bold, dark, sudden
flash of movement
above our heads
as we walked home
drawing our eyes upward
here we were
that treacherous hawk again

every day for days on end
here is the hawk
separate, soaring, and stealth
right here where we live
intent on capturing
the most vulnerable

today though, a twist to the plot
a crowd of crows
common, ordinary, ubiquitous crows
encircle and confront the hawk
defending our home

such a wild scene ensued
high above the bare winter trees
a fierce fight, out in the open

these courageous crows
screeching and cawing
darting every which way
nipping at the hawk
pecking at its wings

all the while, insisting
get away from our home!
what have you done to our young?!
move along! we do not want you here!
we've put up with you long enough!

far below
the two of us stood in suspense
useless bystanders
this angry confrontation
in the vast grey cold sky
the crows
raucously yet triumphantly 
chase the hawk

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