Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Pond in January - a poem

It is Day 2 of January's 5-day poetry Open Write with Dr. Sarah Donovan's Ethical ELA! Susie Morice provided a second day of inspiration, inviting us to channel our inner "Mary Oliver"  - to step outside and observe nature, using all our senses, and to write a poem about what we discover. It just so happens that I love to be outside and I love Mary Oliver's this was a very satisfying exploration for me!

The Pond in January

I step from the woods
into the clearing and find you
frozen over
waiting for me

A surprisingly cold breeze
scurries across my face
sending momentary movement all around
everything aflutter, swirling
branches bend and sway
a leaf skitters across your ice

I wonder, does the dry brown edge grass
prickle and tickle you
as my hair does, against my cheeks?

I need your welcoming silence
your resounding silence.

Listen. It is so quiet, do you hear
the slight squelch of the mud as I shift 
the titter pitter patter chatter of small
birds, invisible to my eye, where are they?
the drip drip gurgle of water
flowing into the culvert

ah, see, you are warming up

I playfully toss a pebble and I hear
the tiniest tink tink as it rolls to a stop
I feel lighter 
I like being here 
with you

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