Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Let there be light!

Have you noticed the extraordinary light during this time of late autumn? I hope the above photos give a visual hint of my joyful experience with it. The light is dazzling! The deciduous trees, now bare of leaves, have opened up the sky above, making it feel close enough to touch; I am right there, in it. When I am walking in woods, I can see so far and wide, the world seems to go on forever. I am riveted by the burst of shadows everywhere, as if they have leapt into and onto the sunlight. On the creek near my home, it is hard to distinguish between the reflections and the trees on the shoreline, the images are this bold and clear. Truly, autumn light is lovely.

Yes, for sure, I am colder at this time of year, needing too many layers of clothes. 
Yes, certainly, evening comes too quickly, much earlier than I want it to be so dark. 
Yes, without a doubt, I have anxiety about what winter will bring, with its increased isolation during this time of pandemic. 

But, wow, the middle of the day in late autumn, when the sun is out - this is a time of sheer beauty. The light is unexpectedly embracing. This here and now - it is something to treasure.

I hope you are surrounded by this light, too.


I wrote this post for Slice of Life.  All participants are writing about one moment, one part of their day, on Tuesdays. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!



  1. Gorgeous photos. Fall is my favorite time to wander through the woods, but winter arrives early here, so while we do have some sunny days—today is one—we’re settling into the cold, gray months. Temp was 30 degrees when I took the dogs out this morning.

  2. Your post really reminds me that I need to get into the woods! I am going to take my family on a hike tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration; I am eager for the embracing autumn light in the woods.

  3. This is all so gorgeous. It added some light to my day.

  4. Maureen, your description of light warms my heart on this sweet day. I'm enjoying your autumn vicariously, so the light doesn't shine quite so brightly in this humid country where I live. I love the idea of being surrounded by this "unexpectedly embracing" light. Beautiful.