Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Blessings and wonder

He was nudging me awake, 
my body swayed in response, but 
not my mind...
I just couldn't, I just couldn't, I just couldn't...
I'm asleep, 
it's too early in the morning, 
I'm confused, 
I don't understand...
there's light, 
a little bit of light squeaking through the curtain, but, 
if he goes away, and 
he let's me roll over, 
I can stay asleep...
why, oh why, is he talking? 
I need to wake up, 
I'm down here deep, yes, 
in this deep, deep dream, with 
children and water and me, and 
he squeezes my shoulder with love and firmness, 
"Maureen, Nana, she's here! She's here!"


"Our new little granddaughter. She's here! She was born just now, at 5:31 this morning! Look!! Here's the text!"

Blessings, wonder, joy, surprise, and love! Just like that, our world turned so incredibly beautiful. This whole day has been so beautiful, so soft, so transformative. 

Her big sister ("Frog," two years old) spent the night with us last night, as she often does during the work week...little did she or we know that the new baby would arrive a week early, and give no notice of her intentions until the middle of the night. Frog overheard our excitement at the early morning text, and she began calling loudly, "Nana! I'm awake! Nana! Open door! Nana!" 

So, we threw open the door to her bedroom and there we all were, rushing about, laughing, dancing, celebrating, in the early morning light. Nana and Poppa with huge smiles, Frog with thumb in her mouth, watching us wide-eyed, amused, and, in all probability, a little uncertain. 

Isn't it amazing how the heart can stretch to include another, always? Love is powerful.

Honestly, it's been a happy blur of a day. 

Welcome, baby!


I wrote this post for Slice of Life.  All participants are writing about one moment, one part of their day, on Tuesdays. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!


  1. Congratulations, grandma! This is exciting and such a lovely surprise. These days I devour baby photos online. Love this: “ Isn't it amazing how the heart can stretch to include another, always?” so poetic and beautiful. 🥰

  2. Welcome baby! Congratulations!

  3. Ah, what a beautiful post, Maureen. All the feelings and thoughts, even imagining Frog's uncertainty. I love that you were dreaming of children, water and you. Maybe this special little one's birth was on your subconscious this morning. I love the lines about love's power to stretch to fit another one at any time. So beautiful!

  4. Hi there - I just love the way you started this - it really piques the reader's curiosity about relationship and dream and what's actually happening... It starts sort of misty and then reveals such a joyous moment. Thanks for sharing!