Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Tuesday flowers


Today's bouquet

A few weeks back, my granddaughter Frog, who turns three years old later this month, found a small bud vase at my house. My youngest son (Frog's uncle) made it years ago in a college ceramics class, and over time it had made its way to the 'land of forgotten,' way in the back of a kitchen cabinet. I suggested we find flowers to put in it by walking around the yard and seeing what was in bloom. She thought this sounded like fun - I mean, it did involve the outdoors, a breakable vase, and a pair of scissors, what's not to like as a youngster? 

I am once again reminded: there's nothing like a preschooler to transform something from a "once and done" into a regular routine. This simple activity has become our latest ritual on our babysitting days - we walk around the yard together, investigating and discovering, cutting a few blooms as we go, usually just a single blossom from each plant. Frog is learning the names of every plant, and notices the different colors and textures. It can take many minutes to fill this little vase, when the work is greeted with such concentration and respect. This time of year, flowers are going to seed, yet a few blossoms in a tiny vase and there is beauty. Frog helps me see the extraordinary in what is, truly, a very ordinary yard.

After she fills the vase with water, she sets it at the center of the breakfast bar, where it smiles and shines throughout our meals together. 

Such a time of simple delights! 


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  1. Oh, what a sweet tradition! You are a wildflower grandma! You’ve started something that will spark great memories for years to come - and it emerged so organically!

  2. Pretty pretty fall colors in that little bouquet.Love it when something so simple can be cause for celebration and memory.

  3. Such a wonderful tradition that ties the generations together. My 5 year old granddaughter has a fairy garden underneath my Peonies plant. She reminded me the other day that I need to bring the fairies inside when it rains and when it snows.

  4. About a month ago, my wife went for one of these walks at my parent's house, and came back with an amazing array of flowers. It is a tradition in our family as my parents enjoy the flowers, we do, and our daughters are starting to (ages 23 and 21) as well.

    It's amazing what little things can bring a family closer together. The arrangement you and your granddaughter created is so vidid and colorful!

  5. I'll say, today's bouquet is truly extraordinary--"a few blossoms in a tiny vase and there is beauty" yes! I love this sweet ritual. Once the summer blooms are finished, I wonder what you will creatively find to put in the vase.

  6. There's nothing like a youngster to slow us down and appreciate every little thing "when the work is greeted with such concentration and respect." What a life lesson there, no? The vase, also having required such work, holds a deep contrast to each of the creators, Frog's floral arrangement and Uncle's vase. Such a gem.