Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Today's poem completes the June Open/Write on Ethical ELA. I struggled all day with this poem, trying to write a poem about my 'emotional state' without actually naming what that state was...the prompt and inspiration came from the author Melanie Crowder, who provided an engaging and detailed process for writing this which I hope to revisit in the days ahead. This poem does not follow her process as intentionally as I had hoped to do. Ah, well.


It’s as if I have been staring

only at one light

bright and falsely clear

blinded by its singular rays

somehow unaware

above, within, and around

luminescent shadows

dance and invite,

flickering, lurking, leading

right there all the time

no longer unseen

revealing, reflecting, releasing

now drawing my full attention,

irresistible shadows of


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