Monday, May 18, 2020

The Sleepover

I'm participating in a 5-day "Open Write" on Sarah Donovan's Ethical ELA.  
Today,  Kimberly Johnson introduced us to Jason Reynolds who shares about a death in his verse, The Way I Felt...we were encouraged to write one, as well. Jason Reynolds' poem was so powerful, I simply could not go deep. I decided to go light and happy.

The Sleepover

The way I felt
when you invited me
to a sleepover
     lifted by

You are four years old,
irrepressible, and
including me,
your teacher.

How did you say it?
"When this 'kona-viwus' is gone,
I want you to come to
my sleepover.
We'll play hide-and-seek, and
Guess Who? and
eat fruit snacks.
I miss you."

in this time of isolation,
I felt


  1. gayle sands, from Sarah Donovan's Ethical ELA website:
    Maureen—the first line had me going in a very different direction, because I hadn’t read your intro. And then I began to smile as the story developed. “We’ll play hide and seek and eat fruit snacks. “ I would definitely go to that sleepover. Want to come to my house? I’ll get my Guess Who game out and we will play. 🙂

  2. glenda funk, from Sarah Donovan's Ethical ELA website:
    This is do precious. I’d love to hear mom’s and dad’s reaction to that invitation. Well done w/ the dialect of a four-year-old. I’m smiling and feeling “lighter and lifted.” Thank you.

  3. Heidi Mordhorst, from Sarah Donovan's Ethical ELA website:
    Well, lighter indeed–to feel that we have maintained that crucial face-to-face connection with little ones through screens. Everything with them is heartfelt, instant and now. Thanks for this, my neighbor and mutual friend of Jill Ortman-Fouse! I teach PreK at Rock View in Kensington…and this is my very first day ever visiting Ethical ELA and the Open Write.