Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The mirror

I am participating in the
 Slice of Life.  
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on Tuesdays.
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!

My husband captured the cutest video of our fifteen month old granddaughter ('Frog'), watching herself in a full-length mirror...as if seeing herself for the very first time. Truly, the video is enchanting - and I'd love to share it here, so that you might see for yourself. However, we are all trying our very best to raise Frog away from social media (as if this is even possible, these days)...so you'll have to take my word that it is the ultimate cuteness. 

I've looked at the video over and over again, these past couple of days - noticing her eyes as she looks at her reflection, noticing her delight with what she sees, and her burst of happy laughter that she has this mimic in her life. She expresses such ease with herself, with her body; she is delighted to share this moment with her Papa as she plays at the mirror, turning her head to laugh with him, then continuing to bend, stretch, and even squat, making her reflection move. 

I do not pause for mirrors. Whenever I happen to pass by a mirror in a public place, where others might see me (i.e., not my bathroom!), I am not in the least bit happy to see my reflection. Was I ever at ease like Frog? How might I capture just a fraction of her happiness the next time I see my reflection in the mirror? Where did I lose that little girl's openness to all that I am? 

There is so much wisdom in this little girl's dance.

Here's a little rhyming poem about the beauty of her moment at the mirror.

The Mirror

She happens upon a mirror
and simply can't believe
there's another someone hiding
who looks just like she.
She crouches down and then jumps up,
to see what her friend might do.
Every twist is mimicked,
and her facial expressions, too!
She tries a new position,
she leans in for a kiss;
when the other moves the same way,
she laughs with sheer bliss.


  1. Maureen, I love reading posts by Grandmothers because there is always so much pride and joy within the words. Thanks for sharing the poem that lets us know your granddaughter is delighted with her motions. Sheer bliss-wonderful!

    1. I loved that your slice was just before mine, on today's line up - and it was connected to your grandchildren, too! So sweet! Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’ll take your word, Maureen. I remember reading some of Jacques Lacon’s writing in my literary theory class and learning about the mirror image in child development and its application to literature. We learn from watching our reflections as children. It’s yet another way to explore our world. I think we learn to reject our reflections when the world teaches us about our physical imperfections.

  3. I could just see the tenderness in this moment you described and your poem put it all together so beautifully...or should I say, blissfully. :)

  4. I love your poem! My grandson, 14 months, loves mirrors. Today he was sick with the flu and I helped my daughter. He was like an infant again, so sleepy and lethargic.