Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The game of food

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It's been awhile since I've shared about my grandchild, 'Frog'. 

These days, Frog is a foodie. 
At eleven months old, she has six teeth and can basically eat any food, if it is prepared in small and soft enough pieces. 
I love to watch Frog eat, and feeding her is a bit of a game. 
Though I think I am, she's in charge. 
She loves 'finger foods,' always happy to feed herself morsels from the tray of her highchair, picking food up with a delicate pinch of her fingers. She will also eat from the spoon I dangle in front of her mouth with some savory bite... and, ever so quickly, she loves to grab that spoon right from me, flailing it this way and that, trying to get it into her mouth by herself - and leaving me to pinch the food on the tray for her. I am always surprised by how she catches me off-guard, and I am left thinking - wait, how did that happen?!
She eats with gusto, big smiles, and sounds - "mmm hmm hmm!," she says.
Frog has big, squishy, lovable cheeks and she will often let a few stray pieces of food sit right in those cheeks, to savor a little later, after the meal. She loves to sit at the table with us, and she loves to try new foods - which means, she wants to eat what you are eating. She watched with big wide eyes as her Poppa ate corn on the cob - riveted by every munch and chew. She even banged her spoon in accompaniment. How she would have loved to have eaten that cob, herself!
We no longer eat while she drinks her bottle. We've learned - if we dare to eat while she is drinking her bottle, she will throw the bottle down with gusto and pound her high chair tray, indignantly.
She just wants in on this game of food, and wants in NOW.


  1. This took me right back to those pincer grasp, cubes of food, and flinging flying bites and bits days for my own kids! I love how you described this scene. Eating is a such a fascinating thing to think about. I bet that corn on the cob had her enchanted.

  2. We're just starting food with grandson #3 who's almost six months. I love the way you described how riveted she was by Poppa's corn on the cob and her spoon accompaniment. A delightful post!

  3. This really took me back --- I can imagine my own kids at that age -- reaching for our spoons, our food! What a funny, cute, and messy stage! I loved reading your description.